Ollie and James Collar Camel
Ollie and James Collar Camel
Ollie and James Collar Camel
Ollie and James Collar Camel
Ollie and James Collar Camel

Ollie and James Collar Camel

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Stand out from the pack with the Ollie & James dog collar. Crafted from genuine leather in creamy camel, featuring iconic polished light gold hardware.

- Genuine leather strap in tan
- Iconic polished light gold hardware in solid brass
- High-low tapered design is wider on back neck
- Ollie & James logo on strap and buckle face
- Perfectly paired with the Ollie & James lead


  • Extra Small: 2.5cm wide, neck diameter 21-29cm
  • Small: 3cm wide, neck diameter 29-36cm
  • Medium: 3.5cm wide, neck diameter 36-45cm
  • Large: 4cm wide, neck diameter 45-49cm

Measure your dogs neck where the collar will naturally sit. Measure with a tape allowing two finders to fit snugly between the tape and your dog's neck. If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string, then measure the length with a ruler.

Caring for your collar:

Prolong the life of the leather and hardware by keeping it away from water and chemicals. Ollie & James leather collars and leashes are not for swimming or water immersion.

Clean your leather collars and leashes with a soft, damp cloth. Nourish the leather from time to time, with a wax/silicone-free leather conditioner but patch test first before overall application as it could effect the exterior colour coating.

The polished gold brass hardware may naturally tarnish as the oils of your dog's skin and other environmental factors do their work. We've carefully chosen brass due to its hardwearing properties, and that it can be restored to its former glory if tarnishing does occur.

Polish the brass hardware with a damp (warm soapy water) microfibre cloth to prevent scratching the surface. Use a second microfibre cloth to dry the brass immediately. Repeat every couple of months to keep the brass looking its best (don't use baby wipes, vinegar, etc.)