Rembrandt Lilibeth Planter

Rembrandt Lilibeth Planter

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 The Lilibeth Blue and White Planter is a charming and unique piece that adds a touch of vintage charm to any space. The planter is crafted from 100% terracotta, a durable and long-lasting material that is ideal for displaying houseplants. The crackled finish on the planter gives it an aged and weathered look, making it a perfect addition to any vintage or rustic-inspired home.

The planter features a blue and white color scheme that is both classic and timeless. The blue and white color scheme gives it a fresh and bright look that will complement any interior decor style. The planter is perfect for displaying a variety of houseplants, from succulents to herbs, and it's an ideal way to bring a touch of greenery and nature into your home.

This planter can be used in a variety of ways, such as placing it on the front step as a cheery welcome, or filling it with herbs in a crisp, farmhouse kitchen. It can also be used as a decorative piece in any room and it will make a delightful addition to any space. This planter is perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to any home, and it's a great way to display your favourite houseplants.

Size: 210x210x231mm